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Powered by hydrogen fuel cell battery pack

"It will be the Ford Model T of the Skies"

- Felice Vinati

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from Pennstate University Paper (Forum 75 Philadelphia - may 2019): CONCLUSION N.8

"With the current state of the art of liquid batteries, mission
performance is in line with, if not superior to, NASA’s concept vehicles
for VTOL air taxi operations ....."

from Pennstate University Paper (Forum 76 Virtual Forum - oct 2020)

Flight Dynamics and Control of an eVTOL Concept Aircraft with a Propeller-Driven Rotor

F-Helix score 1st in
"15 Impressive Personal Transportation Technologies
Worth Noting"


at 7th january 2021

Start-up for e-helicopter lands at USI

Lugano - The start-up Ierom established by the Italian visionary Felice Vinati
has taken up residence at the start-up incubator of USI.

POWER MASTThe revolutionary Power Mast with two 2 sets of co-axial counter-rotating propellers

YAW eFANSThe two small electric ducted fans provide control and directional stability around the yaw axis

AUTOROTATIONIs the magic word for a safety flight

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